The adventure took Wheel the World from the mountain to a film festival in Cannes. The project, together with EcoCamp Patagonia, won an award in France.

For those who still do not know Wheel the World, it is a project that under the motto “there are no people with disabilities, but disabled places”, promotes inclusive outdoor tourism through different activations around the world.

The Chilean platform Wheel the World even arrived in Mexico, a country where it explored the Sierra Norte, in Oaxaca, with the aim of promoting inclusive adventure. But his first trip was to Torres del Paine, in Chile, an adventure in which the short film Adventure is for All was born and for which a few days ago they were awarded at the Trophées De La Vidéo-Touristique film festival in Cannes.

Many of us have heard about Cannes for the famous film VF festival that has been held in this city of the French Riviera since 1946, where some of the best film productions in history have been premiered and awarded.

Gradually Cannes has become an important venue for other film festivals, such is the case of a young but promising event “Trophées De La Vidéo-Touristique”, which aims to promote creativity, originality and creativity. innovation in the field of tourism promotion through video media, rewarding the best achievements of 2018 with four Trophies.

“It was a normal day, reviewing the Instagram account I realized that we had been labeled on the poster of a film festival in Cannes for the short film of Adventure is for All, it was a big surprise,” said Arturo Gaona (Experience Manager from Wheel the World). It was the Director of the short film, Timothy Dhalleine, who had submitted it in collaboration with EcoCamp Patagonia, one of the partners of Wheel the World.

“Adventure is for All”

The short film “Adventure is for All” tells the story of Álvaro Silberstein (CEO and co-founder of Wheel the World) and his adventure in Torres del Paine, becoming the first person in history to tour the W circuit in wheelchair, when Wheel the World was born.

It should be noted that this video had already won an award only in October 2018, within the “Adventure in Motion” festival organized every year by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA).

“Trophées De La Vidéo Touristique” award

For the “Trophées De La Vidéo Touristique” awards there were 170 applications from 35 countries and in the end 4 winners. “Adventure is for all” participated in the category of “Best video: Professional Tourism Trophy”, taking the first place prize. The event was held at the Palais des Festivals de Cannes, the same venue for the glamorous Cannes Festival, on January 31.

What’s next for Wheel the World? We have asked Camilo Navarro (co-founder of Wheel the World) “This year there is a strong expansion for our venture, opening destinations in Costa Rica, Hawaii, Utah, Galapagos, Riviera Maya, to name a few examples. Additionally we want to have much more people with disabilities exploring the world without limits as we did a couple of months ago in Peru, opening an accessible circuit Cusco and Machu Picchu ”.

This team is still making noise and CNN Travel recently published a note of its project in Peru.

It will be during the month of March of this year that our friends of Wheel the World will be premiering in Mexico their documentary Sierra Norte, result of the expedition that they carried out by the state of Oaxaca in the month of October. Click here to see a small sample of what’s coming.

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