Special French Film Festival

Les Adieux à la Reine / Goodbye to the Queen

Benoît Jacquot


1789. On the eve of the French Revolution, people living in the Court of Versailles ignore the dimensions of social unrest in Paris. When they learn about the assault on the Bastille, the nobles flee from the palace. But Sidonie Laborde, a young woman dedicated body and soul to the Queen, believes that under the protection of Marie Antoinette she will not suffer any harm.

Portugal mon amour

Ruben Alves


María and José Ribeiro are a couple of Portuguese immigrants living in Paris, where they raised a family. An unexpected death gives them the chance to return to Portugal. There are many interested in staying in Paris, what do they want?

Elles / They

Malgoska Szumowska


Anne, a Parisian journalist, conducts research on student prostitution. Alicia and Charlotte, two university students, entrust Anne with her most intimate secrets. His encounters with the girls cast doubt on his most entrenched convictions about money, family and sex.

Elle s’en goes

Emmanuelle Bercot


At sixty, Bettie is abandoned by her lover and must face the economic problems of the family business. What do you plan to do with your life? To take a break Bettie takes the car and what should be a turn around the block ends in a flight. The tour leads her to face her fears, her family and will offer her a chance of vital change.

L’Ecume des jours / Indigo Love

Michel Gondry


A love story between Colin, a young idealist, and Chloé, a woman who evokes Duke Ellington’s song, Mood Indigo. His idyllic marriage is put to the test for Chloé’s strange disease: a plant grows in his lung. In this fantastic version of Paris, Colin must accept the most ridiculous jobs to pay the hospital bill while, around him, his apartment and his friends begin to disintegrate. Adaptation of the novel The foam of the days (L’écume des jours) by Boris Vian.

Holy motors

Leos Carax


Mr. Oscar is a character that travels from life to life. He goes from being a great executive to a murderer, then a beggar, a monstrous creature, a family man. Mr. Oscar seems to play several roles, immersing himself completely in each of them, but where are the cameras? He is alone, only accompanied by Céline, the woman who drives the machine that takes him to Paris and its surroundings. Like a conscientious murderer who goes from salary to salary. In pursuit of the beauty of a gesture. Of the engine of action. Women and ghosts of his life. But where is his house, his family, his peace?

La Religieuse / La Religiosa

Guillaume Nicloux


Century XVIII. Suzanne, 16, enters the convent forced by the family, when she wants to live “in the world.” In the convent he faces the arbitrariness of the ecclesiastical hierarchy: superior mothers who go from kindness to cruelty. Suzane faces barbarism to achieve her only goal: to regain freedom.


Gilles Bourdos


1915, French Film Riviera. In his last years of life, the famous painter Auguste Renoir faces the death of his wife, a fragile state of health and the bad news that comes from the war in which his son Jean fights. The appearance of the young Andrée gives her an energy that she no longer had. Andrée will be the painter’s latest model and his youth elixir. When Jean returns home to recover, he falls in love with the young woman, who pushes the young officer, foolish and capricious, to take his first steps in the cinema.

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