If we think of Spanish cinema, our mind travels to those wonderful 70s and 80s where Marisol, Joselito and Lina Morgan were the undisputed protagonists of the great Spanish screen.

But there is more! Ask for popcorn and get comfortable because it goes for long. Discover which are the best movies of Spanish cinema of all time. Our native productions are loved and hated in equal parts, but we cannot deny one thing, they are ours and that must be valued.

Do you want to know which are the best movies of Spanish cinema of all time? Many of them have been translated by professional translators specialized in audiovisual translation to reach the screens of many countries

The best movies of Spanish cinema of all time: top 10 century XX

There are Spaniards who feel a certain aversion towards films created in our country and, although, for tastes of colors, the truth is that we do not understand that hatred. While it is true that there are more inflatable films, others are true jewels of celluloid.

When watching a Spanish peliculas HD we are betting on the original voice actors, where each one has his personality and we don’t always have to listen to the same person from different dubbing.

Also, we will see the potential of many actors in our country who know how to interpret and in what way! And, who knows, the same we discover a new world and you can not stop watching movies of Spanish cinema.

Welcome Mr. Marshall

We start with a classic, a Spanish masterpiece of the big screen. Welcome Mister Marshall (1953) is a satire on Franco’s Spain, which Luis García Berlanga was able to create with great determination. An escape route in the caesura of our country that will make us laugh and feel free from the oppression of those years.

Sunrise, which is no small thing

In second place we find Dawn, which is not a little (1989). A Spanish comedy that bets on a somewhat surreal humor that catches you from beginning to end. You will not stop laughing with this hilarious film that made the occasional tear jump to Martin Scorsese himself.

Cell 211

Cell 211 (2009) created when the passion for thrillers was stomping on the film scene. Prison-themed, if you are still one of the few who has not enjoyed this Spanish production, Luis Tosar will love it. Malamadre, the role he plays, will make it worth giving play this time.

The Day of the Beast

The day of the beast (1995) is another of the productions that you should see, at least once in a lifetime. Álex de la Iglesia is one of those directors worthy of Spanish recognition because, thanks to this satanic comedy, he made many people like our cinema and stay for more. A film full of unrepeatable scenes, excellent soundtrack and undisputed characters.

The Pan’s Labyrinth

In the fifth place we find El laberinto del fauno (2006) by Guillermo del Toro. It is a brave and risky bet that emerged from the Spanish framework to surprise both inside and outside our borders. This movie has been translated from Spanish to English and other languages. With a more creative approach than we were used to, it is a very outstanding imaginative journey. From this same director we find The Devil’s Backbone or, of course, The shape of the water, more international but that won the Oscar for the best film and best director in 2017.

The minimum island

To continue with this ranking, we are not going very far. This time we landed on The Minimum Island (2014). Again, we know that Spanish thrillers like them, and a lot. That is why Alberto Rodríguez created this film where a perfect atmosphere, great performances and an almost perfect script were achieved.

Everything about my mother

In this top 10 could not miss a director who has managed to create Spain brand with his films. Almodóvar produced, in 1999 All about my mother, a film where she reached maturity as a professional and that mixes

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