Watching movies in Spanish is an excellent option for both learning and language improvement. One of the most entertaining resources we have to improve our listening comprehension, increase the amount of vocabulary we know and learn new expressions (which our language has a lot of that). Obviously, we cannot learn a language just by watching movies, but they must be the complement to a good Spanish course, where we learn the basic grammar and spelling content. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for us to understand what they are saying. But also, if we can combine our learning with immersion in Spain, our efforts will be rewarded more quickly.

It is true that textbooks are very useful, but they fail to convey the nuances of Spanish and its culture. After all, jargon, dialects, humor and emotions are the elements that make up the soul of our language. For this reason, it is essential to complement both.

The most advisable thing is that, at the beginning, if you are not very fluent, put the subtitles in Spanish, but never in your language, because you will not pay enough attention to what they say in the movie. However, if we put subtitles in Spanish, we can associate the different sounds with the text. With which, it will cost us much less to go on hearing. Once we have more fluency, we can watch the movies in Spanish in original version without subtitles. It is likely that it will cost you at first, but you will have to make the effort. You will see how little by little you understand more things.

The labyrinth of the Faun (Spain)

This film is very interesting to practice vocabulary related to the history of Spain, the family, the civil war, the postwar period, the anti-Franco guerrillas, etc. A story that tells part of the cruel reality that a girl lives and a part full of fantasy that she uses to escape from all the hardships she lives in this difficult moment in the history of our country.

Three meters above the sky (Spain)

This film tells the story of Hugo Olivera, who is touring Spain executing revenge and breaking hearts. The film begins with a lot of action and represents the way of life of many rebellious teenagers of today: motorcycles, crimes and leagues. During the movie you will fall in love with a girl from a good family and with a very elitist education that will change your life forever. A fun, fast movie that can be easily followed. Just don’t expect many surprises, since it has a fairly predictable argument.

 Mar Adentro (Spain)

To watch this movie it is necessary to have a more advanced level of Spanish, since the amount of verbal tenses used is very wide and its vocabulary is very dense. However, it has an argument capable of keeping you interested enough to ensure that it will fully absorb you. It tells the true story of Ram├│n Sampedro, a man who, after an accident, was treplegic and spent 28 bedridden fighting for a dignified death. The film continues its life while fighting with lawyers and their illness while learning unexpected lessons about life and love.

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